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News and Articles

Ouch! Don't Forget Disability Insurance

By Annelena Lobb
March 25, 2002

"Buying disability insurance probably ranks low on your financial to-do list. After all, if you're young and healthy and you work at a desk job, what are the odds you're going to need it? Well, you might not think of a broken bone, a problem pregnancy or an anxiety condition as disabling, but all of them could keep you out of work. About 30 percent of Americans age 35 to 65 will suffer a disability lasting at least 90 days sometime during their careers, according to the Health Insurance Association of America..."

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A Fresh Look at Disability Insurance

By Steve Crawford
Health Insurance Underwriter
April 2005

"It has been a long time since we read an original article on disability insurance. And if we see one more article talking about the probability of becoming disabled, how individual DI is undersold, or how the good old days are gone forever, I think I might implode, or worse. We are hopeful that this article will grab your attention and give you some good ideas so that you can put some more money in your pocket and serve more people..."

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