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Common Misconceptions about Social Security, Employment Coverage, etc.

"I am in good health, I know I can earn a living."
This is a common misconception. People can become disabled in many ways; workplace injury, car accident or the onset of a debilitating medical condition. Statistically between the ages of 35 and 65 seven out of ten people will become disabled for three months or longer.

"Won't Social Security help me?"
Social Security benefits are extremely difficult to qualify for and take a great deal of time to finally start. You must prove that not only are you incapable of performing your usual occupation but any occupation. In addition, the benefits most likely will not meet your financial obligations. The maximum payment for a 30-year-old earning $70,000.00 per year is $1,600.00 per month.

"What about employer provided group disability or worker compensation coverage?"
Workers compensation only covers individuals that have been injured on the job and those benefits are typically quite low and do not come close to covering your earnings. Group disability plans through an employer are not prevalent, less than 41 % of companies with over 100 employee's and less than 19% of companies with under 100 employees provide this coverage. Also these benefits will not be adequate to replace income.

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