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Disability Insurance Center
Disability Insurance Center
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Helping Understand your Disability Insurance Options Helping to Protect Your Family, Your Future, and Your Happiness!

Resource Center - Your Guide to understanding the many options of Disability Insurance

This page serves as your entry point to learning more about Disability Insurance. Browse through all the sections, or just a few. At any point feel free to request a quote for further information.

Resource Center

  • Policy Components - Be sure you fully understand how "disabled" will be defined, and in particular understand the difference between "Any-Occ" and "Own-Occ"...Learn More
  • Riders - Riders are additions to insurance policies that can enhance your plan...Learn More
  • Structured Settlements – Many individuals who receive a settlement from an accidental or negligent occurrence elect to receive those funds in regular monthly payments as opposed to one lump sum...Learn More

Statistics, Ratings and Calculations

Policy Ratings - When making a decision about a company, do not be afraid to ask and check the financial rating for each company. You want to be sure they will be there when you need them...Learn More

Your Coverage - Use this helpful formula and checklist to help you find out how much Disability Insurance coverage you would probably need...Learn More

Insurance Risk Factor - What is the real chance of you becoming disabled and unable to be gainfully employed?...Learn More

Statistics - These statistics will help you determine your chances of becoming disabled and if you should purchase Disability Insurance...Learn More

Articles and Resources - Read some informative articles about Disability Insurance and the Disability industry...Learn More

Insurance Underwriting - Find out what the process for applicants of Disability Insurance is and what factors might affect your DI rates...Learn More

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