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Disability Insurance Center
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The DI Underwriting Process

Disability Insurance Underwriting

The actual Disability Insurance underwriting process involves a number of factors that include your health, fitness, income and profession. The main determinants include:

  1. Your health history, including your height/weight ration and occasionally, BMI (Body Mass Index)
  2. Your occupation and it's hazard level
  3. Your income, as well as historical income
  4. Hobbies and other potentially dangerous non-work activities

The things that are required of you to determine your eligibility for a policy can include:

  1. Medical Exam
  2. Blood and Urine tests
  3. Medical records from your current doctors as well as those you have visited recently
  4. Documentation of income, present and past

After all these factors have been compiled and weighed, you will either be approved for a policy or the company will decline to insure you. If you are approved, there are different tiers of rates that will be offered to you. A preferred rate, which is generally the least expensive is offerred to those with the lowest risk of injury. Standard rates are given to most people, while rated policies or rated up policies are given to high-risk applicants. These individuals will either have to pay a higher rate or will have part of their policy voided, such as when applied to certain body parts that are already at high risk, such as a bad back.

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