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Disability Insurance Center
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Common Insurance Questions

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Helping Understand your Disability Insurance Options Helping to Protect Your Family, Your Future, and Your Happiness!

Reasons for Purchasing a Disability Policy

In plain english, no insurance jargon, below are the Reasons to buy a policy

  1. A Disability Insurance Policy will pay you a monthly amount if you become disabled and can no longer work, or perform your job, in order to earn your income.
  2. Disability Ins. safeguards your personal financial health by providing the needed income for all of your monthly bills from groceries to mortgage payments which would still be due, month after month.
  3. Your policy can help ensure that your family can continue to live in their home despite the inability to make mortgage payments because of illness or an accident.
  4. Unfortunately, sometimes a people are disabled for life and can't earn an income that would maintain the lifestyle they are use to. There are forms of disability insurance that will offer more coverage then just Social Security can, so you will be able keep the lifestyle you are accustom to.

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