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Your Chances of Being Disabled

Disability Statistics for the United States

A simple fact of disability is that for the most part, when you are hurt or disabled, you will not be able to work at almost any capacity. This means that you will no longer be earning a paycheck. Including a disability policy in your life’s financial plan is a smart move because you are insuring your ability to receive a steady income.

Compiled below are the statistics of people who be came disabled in 2005.

Age Chance of Disability
25 44%
30 42%
35 41%
40 39%
45 36%
50 33%
55 37%

Percent of working males in the U.S. with a disability

Aged 25- 59...........9%
Aged 25- 34...........6.5%
Aged 35- 49 ..........8.5%
Aged 50- 59...........15.0%

Additional Disability statistics

  • Of 32.1 Million working men, aged 18-64, nearly 20% reported working with some form of disability.
  • 10% claimed moderate disability.
  • 8.7% claimed working with a severed disability.
  • One out of eight workers who are disabled are disabled for more than 8 days.

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